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Meet The Owner

Welcome to M. Rose Nails! My name is Mariam and I have over 19 years of experience in the Nail Industry. When asked what I love about my job, the answer isn't simple, but I'll do my best to explain.

My enthusiasm for nails extends beyond a profession; it's a genuine expression of art and connection. Crafting miniature canvases and bringing forth works of art is deeply gratifying. In my career, I've also had the privilege of connecting with incredible individuals from diverse backgrounds within my community, that at times we shared many moments of laughter, tears, encouragement, and inspiration. Despite the challenges, this work doesn't feel like a job; it's my passion.

Beyond owning my own business, my commitment to giving my clients my very best has empowered me to cultivate my passion. This dedication has led me to connect with like-minded educators in the nail industry who share the same devotion to teaching and honing this craft. Additionally, it drove me to always continuously educate myself to the point of holding the distinction of being one of the very few licensed Nail Tech Teachers in the state of Pennsylvania.


So, to answer that question, there isn’t any part of my job I don’t enjoy, I LOVE ALL OF IT!!!

I am humbled by all the love I receive from my clients and friends.

Thank you for your support Lancaster!

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